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Is there anybody home?

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I will preface this blog by letting you know I am not, nor claim to be an admissions expert. I do like think I know a little bit about sales though, especially phone sales. 

Phones are the lifeline of my business.  If a potential candidate or client can’t reach us, we are loosing money, quickly.  I think the same holds true for admissions, another craft that relies heavily on phones.

When my recruiters are calling into schools to identify and source potential candidates I can’t tell you how many campuses have no one answering the phones.  I understand this is the technological age and have no problem dealing with an auto-attendant.  The real shock comes when I “press 1 for admissions” and then get a voicemail at …

More on Low Hanging Fruit

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The idea that there’s quick results from “low hanging fruit” has been very intriguing lately. The theory is that abundance in terms of new students, program offerings, student services, and more is so easily attainable. You just have to look for the low hanging fruit. No need to get a fancy cherry picker because you don’t need to go to the top of the tree for results.  Low hanging fruit has no risk attached to it, is ripe or ready, and provides a solution instantly.  Think about increasing enrollment for example. Where are potential leads that are likely to enroll? Referrals come to mind. Are you using referral methods or if no, why not?  What other solutions are you looking for that are really all …