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A true leader …

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A true leader never has to pretend they care for those they lead.

A true leader …

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A true leader is surprisingly humble.

Promoting in Wal-Mart

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Here’s a way-out idea that might just work. We just found out that Wal-Mart is working to change its image in a variety of ways.

Say What?

Schools love using students and/or graduate testimonials to market their product. Why?


There are many “sayings” or cliché pieces of advice floating around that have sound principals and encouraging words but too often we fail to recognize their importance or follow their words.  This one arrived at my new office yesterday and on the cover of a card that was wishing me well it read:



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No, it isn’t Ice Cube for all of us who remember the rapper turned Anaconda writer, it is C-Cubed—Constantly Changing Curriculum. 

In our space, we have accepted that better is often more important than more.  We don’t demand that the student give us 4 to 7 years of their lives to learn an occupation, instead we believe that we can condense education and training down to a manageable timeframe—often less than one year—that still allows the student to gain the skills for success.  However, the trick here is that our curriculum needs to stay as nimble and appropriate as do the occupations that they serve.  Thus, we must demand C-Cubed from all of our education folk.

Role, Responsibility, Authority and Accountability

Managers perform many supervisory roles in the workplace. Underlying those roles are three key components to effective supervision: responsibility, authority and accountability. The free tutorial below examines some common myths about the roles of the manager and, in concert with the key components, presents both good practices and practices to avoid when supervising others.

Upon completion of this tutorial, you should be able to:

Identify key supervisory roles and recognize myths that surround those roles
Describe the three key components that support effective supervision
Recognize good supervisory practices
Avoid practices that can undermine responsibility, authority and accountability

This is a free tutorial! Enjoy!
Role, Responsibility, Authority and Accountability


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How can we get staff to be really productive? Does it take hand holding or empowering? Probably a little of both. We work to empower. To get results empowering needs to be paired with support. What kinds of tools, techniques, or training does your staff need to be supported to take charge of their world of work at your campus?

Getting Along with Your Boss

Your actions can and do influence your boss’s behaviors. And your boss’s behaviors influence your actions. You and your boss are in a behavioral loop, each influencing the other. The easiest way to change the pattern of interaction with your boss is to change your own behavior. Your relationship with your boss has a bigger impact on your attitude toward your job than anything else. The free tutorial below shows you how you can work with your boss to obtain the best possible results for you, your boss, and your organization.

Upon completion of this tutorial, you should be able to identify:

Strategies for understanding your boss’s needs, behavior and personality
Techniques for managing your relationship with your boss
Practices to avoid in your relationship with your boss

This is …

Finder’s Fees or Good Karma?

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On rare occasion I get asked for a finder’s fee for being referred to a candidate in the marketplace.  Just for the record I have never paid a finder’s fee but have been known to send an appropriate “thank you” to folks who assist me in a search.

I always found the request for a finder’s fee a bit odd.  The people I usually ask for a referral were working with me as a candidate at some point.  I never charged them for the exclusive and confidential positions I introduced them to.  Why would they charge me a fee for the introduction to a friend or colleague who they know is open to new opportunities?

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