10 Security Functions Coming to the Forefront

Career College Central Summary:

  • 10 "top" technologies and approaches security professionals should consider adding to their security portfolios:
  1. Cloud access security brokers;
  2. Adaptive access control;
  3. Pervasive sandboxing;
  4. Endpoint detection and response;
  5. Big data security analytics;
  6. Machine-readable threat intelligence;
  7. Software-defined security;
  8. Isolation and containment;
  9. Integrated application testing; and
  10. The "nascent" category of security brokers, firewalls and gateways for securing the enterprise version of the "Internet of Things."
  • Neil MacDonald, Gartner research vice president, explained that the list was compiled using three criteria. Each technology was "emerging" and was expected to gain pickup traction this year; it needed to be "transformative," either to the people using them or the processes to which they were applied or as a technology itself; and it needed to address "one or more aspects" of what Gartner terms the "nexus of forces," encompassing the cloud, social, mobile and big data.  

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