3 Things University of Phoenix Can Do to Ace the Next Review

Career College Central Summary:

  1. Don't ignore the regulators: This seems like obvious advice: take the regulator's review seriously. Recently, the DOE and other regulators have been investigating for-profit schools regarding their marketing; coursework and grades; and dropout, graduation and employment rates of students. Given that most for-profit schools get a majority of their revenues from U.S. federal funds, schools should take any regulatory review or investigation seriously, no matter how routine.
  2. Get better students and graduates: Better applicants and students in the beginning will result in better and more employable graduates. This strategy will help minimize the scrutiny of U.S. regulators. This is the path that Grand Canyon University (NASDAQ: LOPE ) and Bridgepoint Education (NYSE: BPI ) have taken.
  3. Seek International Opportunities: One way to limit the financial exposure to U.S. government regulators is to open outside of the U.S. Apollo is already engaged in this strategy, as is DeVry Education Group (NYSE: DV ).

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