A Change in Gatekeeping

Control over what articles get posted to this site was handed over to me last week. Our website manager, Beth Neely, has moved on to another position within our organization and the keys were passed to me and our assistant editor, Jenni Valentino.

Beth did a tremendous job with this site since its launch three years ago. She helped advance it from its original state – nothing more than a stock watch and random news feed, usually not pertaining much to actual career college news – to the glorious, multi-faceted and mutli-dimensional web site that you see today.

I have to admit. I like Beth. Not because she’s done such a magnificent job with the site, but because she’s a good person. In order to keep us ahead of competitors and offering better content, Beth would show up an hour earlier than anyone else in our organization or sister company, PlattForm Advertising, to scour the day’s news and find links to the news and public relations items that were the most beneficial to you.

And in that process, she learned a great deal about our sector, how to interact with various personalities that form our niche audience, and, in some cases, how to inspire people in the sector who had never written before or never felt they had any knowledge worth offering to sit at a computer terminal – or pick up a BlackBerry – and contribute material. When we started this site and once the publication was up and running, we did so with one goal in mind: to be a definitive voice of career colleges.

In some ways, that voice needs to be singular, but in actuality, it is really more like an A capella choir, composed of as many diverse voices as possible. Beth’s professional focus will no longer involve this site, and somehow I feel like we’ve lost a voice in our soprano section. We’ll do our best to post news as compelling as what she found and see to the many day-to-day facets of this site and the many formats that deliver information to our readers.

But some of the fun has been lost on our end. We have our work cut out for us. Beth, thank you so much for you work on CareerCollegeCentral.com. I thank you. My family thanks you. And I promise I won’t sing in falsetto.

Written by Kevin Kuzma, Editor, Career College Central

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Thanks for the compliments Kevin. I will miss CCC and all the great people I’ve gotten to know. I haven’t left the career college sector though, you will still hear from me.