Ashworth College Creates Online Challenge for Working Moms/Student Moms

Norcross, GA (February 11, 2009) There are many different types of moms – soccer moms, single moms, military moms, and stage moms. There are moms who home school and moms who blog. Even moms who are “green”. For many moms today, balancing both a career and a family is like packing a week’s worth of activities into a 24 hour day. Add college student into the mix and you’ve identified a candidate for “super mom” status.

Now through April 30, Ashworth College, a worldwide leader in distance education, pays homage to these dedicated women, kicking off the Ashworth Moms Challenge. For 12 weeks, working moms from all walks of life will be invited to state their New Year’s resolution, record their progress, interact with peers, and be eligible for prizes.

From improving time management to spending more time with their children, participants will be able to share their journey and success while providing motivation and support to others. The Challenge will chronicle the weekly progress of achieving their resolution goals. Go to for more information.

“The average working mom is constantly challenged to strike a balance between work and life. As a working mother I can certainly identify,” acknowledged Connie White, Ashworth Director of Education Services.

“Being able to bring working moms together demonstrates that we don’t have to do this alone,” she added. “Many of us face similar issues. The motivation, support and encouragement of the community will help many moms keep going – especially for those who are juggling family, work and education.”

The Mom Diaries

Kicking off the Challenge will be the Mom Diaries on the Ashworth Forum. Weekly posts will chronicle each participant’s progress, detailing steps taken to reach their goal. Moms will have the opportunity to post comments, messages of support and offer suggestions and advice.
“As a student and a working mom, participating in the Ashworth Forum was inspiring and fun,” commented Ashworth graduate Darleen Craft. “I made a lot of friends and contacts and regularly keep up with them on the Forum. I’m looking forward to participating in the Challenge.”

The Mom Connection Live Events:

As part of the Moms Challenge, Ashworth has scheduled two live online events to be held on February 18 and March 18 at 3 p.m. EST. Dubbed “Mom Connection”, the event is open to anyone interested in discussing topics of interest to working mothers and/or student mothers.

Hosting the event will be Ashworth College faculty and staff who will be online to facilitate these motivating discussions around work/life balance. Ashworth will also have guest experts on hand to provide valuable advice. Accessible from the Moms Challenge site, participants will have the option of interacting via webcam or chat.

Moms will also have the option of participating from Ashworth communities on Facebook and MySpace. The challenge culminates, fittingly, on Mother’s Day, when prize winners are announced.

About Ashworth College
Ashworth College, a worldwide leader in distance education, offers working mothers and fathers more than 100 career-focused high school, career school, associates, bachelor’s and master’s diploma and degree programs that are affordable and fit into their otherwise busy schedules.

Ashworth is accredited by the Distance Education and Training Council (DETC) and Ashworth High School is further accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS) and the Commission on International and Trans-Regional Accreditation (CITA).

Headquartered in Norcross, GA, Ashworth College, offers more than 450 different high school, career school, associates, bachelors and masters courses to students around the world. For more information visit

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