At The Right Place Before The Right Time

Career College Central summary:

  • Community colleges have a reputation for quickly adjusting to the needs of the communities they serve, especially when it comes to workforce preparation. However, in order to remain competitive, they will need to identify and respond even faster to what drives economic change, particularly technology. This was the message from two “futurists” at the 2013 Advanced Technological Education Principal Investigators Conference last week in Washington, D.C.
  • “The idea is to calculate when you should be at the right place, and [figuring out] what is the right time. In futurism, we talk about being in the right place before the right time, because if you are at the right place after the right time or even at the right time, you will be too late,” said Carolyn Corbin, an author and president of the Center for the 21st Century. Her company formulates plans for corporations, nonprofits and government organizations.
  • Jeff Wacker, who spoke with Corbin, summarized the five main technologies driving change as “bits, atoms, cells, gears and joules.” Wacker, who retired in 2012 from Hewlett-Packard/EDS where he helped to develop ultra-efficient data centers, warns educators that the current iteration of change will be much shorter than the historic 40-year cycle.

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