CAMPUS TECHNOLOGY: EdX Launching MOOCs with Free Certificates for Teacher Training and AP Prep

Career College Central Summary:

  • MOOC nonprofit edX has signed on for ConnectED, the White House's program to connect "99 percent" of America's students to broadband and high-speed wireless in schools and libraries and improve the skills of teachers through the use of technology. The announcement came during remarks made by President Obama during a ConnectED event that draw superintendents from districts all over the country, which took place this week in Washington, D.C.
  • EdX delivers open, online massive courses developed by MIT, Harvard, the University of California, Berkeley and other institutions. EdX partner universities and colleges will offer professional development courses to teachers and advanced placement exam preparation courses to students. Both programs will also incorporate free "verified" certificates; courses will be open for registration through edX over the next year.
  • As Obama noted in his remarks to the group, "EdX has already offered its advanced placement level courses for free. Now it's making the certification for those courses free as well. If you're a student who has mastered the material but can't afford the certification that proves [it], edX will provide it. They're offering more than a dozen training courses to teachers nationwide for free."
  • The teacher certificates will be issued for one year to all U.S. teachers who pass one of the teacher training courses. That will be extended for an additional four years for Title I teachers and others in high-need districts. Classes will train teachers on the use of technology in the classroom, teaching in a blended environment, and learning theory and leadership.
  • Those classes will be available from Boston University, Davidson College, Teachers College at Columbia University and six other universities.

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