Career College Central Launches ‘Double Standard’ Web Page to Highlight Unfair Regulatory Environment

The double standard in the regulatory environment for career colleges and other institutions of higher learning is perhaps never clearer than the language used in advertising and marketing materials. While we know that our schools are subjected to far stricter rules and regulations than community colleges and traditional colleges and universities, tomorrow our schools will once again take center stage on Capitol Hill to be scrutinized for the ways they advertise and recruit students.

Beginning today, Career College Central is asking for your help to gather materials that illustrate the unfairness in the staunch differences our schools must adhere to in the recruitment process. We’ve launched a "Double Standard" web page, available at, to highlight the disparity in higher education recruitment. We need your help to track down advertisements in which community colleges, four-year institutions or their related online programs make statements that career colleges cannot. We’re looking for links to web content, banner ads, television and radio commercials, or photos of billboards in which those schools:

  • Use promissory language
  • Make bold statements or use slogans that can’t possibly be proven
  • Address potential pay
  • Uses statements about financial aid as an incentive for enrollment

If you’d like to forward some examples, please send your information to Editor Kevin
Kuzma at We need your help to make a stand in Washington.

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