Career Schools 2014 Year in Review Report Now Available

The current regulatory environment and mounting pressures on outcomes are impacting career colleges across the country.

To better understand the challenges and priorities of these schools, Penn Foster surveyed (with outreach assistance from Career College Central) career college executives on their 2014 activities and their outlook for 2015. Below are some excerpts from the survey. 

The year in review report includes:

  • An in-depth overview of the challenges career schools are facing

    • As 2014 came to a close, schools across the country faced an unsettling fact: enrollment numbers languished despite the upswing of student attendance at two-year public institutions. The ongoing enrollment struggle combined with their other challenges have proven detrimental to the industry; with negative effects for both career colleges and students.
  • A look at the key metrics colleges are focusing on

    • Schools are responding to their challenges by focusing on improving the graduation rate, job placement and retention. These are three of the top priorities for these career colleges.
  • A breakdown of how career colleges plan to adjust their marketing spend by channel in 2015, and what channels they find most effective

    • When it comes to cost effective marketing channels, it’s no surprise social media is on the rise. But, survey responders also noted several other marketing methods they find highly effective.
  • Tips to improve your school’s performance and generate successful student outcomes

    • One major factor in improving student outcomes is in college preparedness. Between 28% and 40% of students are unprepared when they go to college. This has major repercussions on a school's performance and creates a ripple effect. Read the full report for more tips and gear up for a year of student success.

Download the Career Schools 2014 Year in Review full report to see the benchmarks, rankings, and graphs. You’ll gain exclusive insight your school can use to improve its performance and generate successful student outcomes. 

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