EL PASO TIMES: Don’t lump all for-profit schools together

Career College Central Summary:

  • Juan Garcia, in a letter to the editor, inaccurately and unfairly grouped an industry of for-profit schools into one stereotype.
  • Tri-State Cosmetology Institute is a for-profit school that has been an active part of this community since 1931. We value, above all, the education we provide to our students and our contribution to their lifelong success.
  • At TSCI, our default rate is 12.6 percent, below the national average of all post-secondary institutions at 13.7 percent. Our current licensure rate is 100 percent and our job placement rate is 70 percent.
  • Our sector is overseen by state regulatory and licensing boards, accrediting agencies and the Department of Education. We are held to a higher standard in outcome rates than public education.
  • El Paso Community College has an institutional default rate of 14.5 percent. Its tuition rates are lower, however they receive significant funding from state programs, grants and property taxes, which are not available to for-profit schools.

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