Federal College Ratings Threat Has Schools On Edge

Career College Central summary:

  • With tuition spiraling and educational values increasingly questioned, the Obama administration is moving to create a college ranking system that factors in student job success and earnings after college. Critics fear that such a system would penalize low-wage careers such as teaching and social work.
  • "Last summer the Obama administration directed ED to create a plan by the 2015-16 academic year to rate colleges based on measures of access, affordability and student outcomes, and eventually allocate federal aid based on those ratings," Mainstreet.com reported. "Obama's August bus tour of colleges in upstate New York and Pennsylvania gave a campaign-style fervor to the announcement."
  • “It’s like rating a blender,” Jamienne Studley, a deputy under-secretary at the Education Department, said to the college presidents after a meeting in the department’s Washington headquarters in November, according to the New York Times.
  • But some fear that the proposed "ratings blender" will create a hopeless mess of indigestible sludge.
  • "This may seem painfully obvious but, for the record: Blenders mix things together," writes Valerie Strauss in the Washington Post. "That’s it. They may do it on different speeds, but mixing things is what they do. Colleges do countless things for students, and people go to them for many different reasons, with many different goals. The administration’s focus seems to be on financial rewards after college, but that’s not why everybody goes."

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