First National Esthetic Teacher Training (NETT) Cconference Wins Big in Las Vegas

The first-ever National Esthetic Teacher Training (NETT) Conference just came to a close with 72 attendees! The three-day education program started with a National Certification Prep Class followed by two days of Commission on Accreditation (COA) CE approved education.

Thirty-seven teachers attended and completed the Certification Prep Class and 14 Candidate Applications were verified onsite and given their Authorization to Test (ATT). "This was a great opportunity for instructors to take the prep class with their peers in a relaxed setting – it was very informative!"

Susanne S. Warfield, the executive director raised three cheers with the attendees at the conclusion of the 3-day conference stating, " You are the leaders and the future of the skin care industry is in your classroom right now… and NCEA is proud to be sponsoring and sharing that responsibility with you!" The chair of the NETT Committee, Linda Burmeister was equally elated when she concluded the final class of the day that asked the attendees, "What can NCEA do to assist you in educating future estheticians?" Based on the evaluation forms, the teachers that attended felt their needs were being met by the first NETT conference. "I am so excited that this conference was specifically designed for esthetic teachers and I am re-energized and full of ideas to implement in my classroom." This also was the first teacher conference that undertook pre-approval for Continuing Education for teachers with the Commission on Accreditation and several state regulatory boards.

Lecturers at the conference were required to provide their full presentations in advance to the COA and sign an agreement stating they would declare all conflicts of interest and be free of marketing and product endorsements. "This conference was the first one I had ever been to that I could learn without having to hear a sales pitch and that was invaluable. The classes provided solid scientific evidence and referenced their presentations," said Tracy Daly, Aesthetics Program Director at the Atlanta Institute of Aesthetics, a division of Atlanta-School of Massage.

Mary Mills Kennedy, Pamela Hill–Overview of Body Treatments, Susanne Schmaling–Esthetic Equipment, Kate Ciampi –Permanent Cosmetics, Linda Bertaut–Career Opportunities, Suzette Christian–The Essence of What We Teach…, Linda Burmeister– Powerful Presentation Tools…, Susanne S. Warfield–What Your Students Should Know about Medical Spas…were among the presentations.

Two industry-sponsored programs included one by the Associated Skin Care Professionals who provided an intensive review of liability and risk management and each teacher was presented with a curriculum. Anji Woods of Universal Companies presented an Advanced Chemical Exfoliation program that had the attendees asking a lot of questions on chemicals used, concentrations, precautions and contraindications.

Judy Culp presented a presentation on Eyebrow Shaping. Her esthetic school is an NCEA Approved Training Facility that offers a 1200 hour esthetics program. "The students value the training that is encompassed in the program as it provides them with the skills clients and employers are seeking as well as needed business operations. Upon graduation not only do they obtain licensure but NCEA certification which validates their advanced knowledge and gives them a distinct marketing edge.”

Master of Ceremonies–Austine Mah Chan kept the program running smoothly and in between each presenter provided the attendees with information on NCEA national standards, esthetician scholarship opportunities, and how to get their school as Approved Training Facilities.

"I was so impressed and empowered by the NETT conference because of the interesting, informative, unbiased education that was provided on a level for instructors which I have not encountered at any-other conference nationwide. The icing on the cake was the networking lunches which were an opportunity for each esthetic instructor to network with other esthetic professionals. I will be attending the NETT conference in May 15-17 2010 and so should you!" Daly stated.

The date and location of next year’s venue was voted on by the attendees. The next National Esthetic Teacher Training Conference will be May 15-17, 2010 at the same SW Event Center at the Hampton Inn Tropicana in Las Vegas!

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