For Many Job Seekers, it’s Back to School Time

The current economy has obviously worried a lot of professionals in
the Puget Sound region, whether they are employed or not. A recent Washington State Workplace Confidence Survey, conducted by Harris/Decima teleVox, showed that about 40 percent of gainfully employed workers over age 18 in the state are concerned about losing their jobs. Roughly 14 percent of survey respondents said that
someone in their household has lost their job in the past 12 months.

After hearing from many Hire Ground readers, my guess is these
figures, collected in early March of this year, are very conservative.

But other data show that workers in the state are not just sitting
on their hands, waiting for their possible pink slips. Many are
actively seeking training for new careers by enrolling in vocational
schools or community colleges. In other words, as the need for workers
shifts to different professions, workers are re-evaluating their career

"We’ve seen a dramatic enrollment increase of about 13 percent at
our campuses in the past 15 months because our programs target
high-demand fields like health care," says Randy Rogers, regional vice
president of Northwest operations for Everest College,
which has six campuses in the greater Seattle/Tacoma region. "Despite
the recession, more people are attending institutions such as Everest
College to gain the necessary job skills to increase their job

Based in enrollment information from Everest College and from the U.S. Department of Labor,  Rogers says that some of the highest demand for new jobs through 2016 will be in the following areas:

• Personal and home care aides
• Medical assistants
• Pharmacy technicians
• Legal and accounting administrative assistants
• Dental assistants

Arthur Koff, employment expert and founder of,
agrees that the demand for chemists, researchers and pharmacists is
particularly acute "because of the huge amount of advertising for
prescription drugs on TV," he says. For example, a graduate fresh out
of pharmacy school, he says, can make an average of $82,000 per year.

For more information on Everest College–which offers classes in
health care, criminal justice, skilled trades, business, paralegal and
information technology–visit their locator page to find a campus nearest to you. (nw jobs)

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