Indiana University Northwest Administrator Notes For-Profit Degrees are “Just as Good”

Career College Central Summary:

  • As student demand for online courses and degrees continues to grow, local schools are working hard to recruit students.
  • Janet Schutte, director of marketing for Indiana Tech, said the school offers about 30 online degrees ranging from associates to masters.
  • Offering online degrees significantly helps with recruiting students, she said.
  • Most of the school’s online students are in their 30s or 40s, working while trying to complete a degree.
  • They also have a few military students who like the ability to move without disrupting their college program.
  • Angela Velez-Solic, the associate director and clinical assistant professor of education at Indiana University Northwest’s Center for Innovation & Scholarship in Teaching & Learning, said IUN’s administration wants more online classes and to add entirely online degree programs.
  • “At institutions like IUN, we have to compete with for profits. That’s the reality. Students can get a degree from a for profit institution and the degree is just as good … If IUN can’t compete, we will be losing students. We have to step up our game and give the students what they need and want in order to keep them coming to IUN vs. registering with an institution that will give them a fully online degree.”
  • It has a lot to do with flexibility, she said and IUN’s demographic is not traditional students who are 19, out of high school and living with parents.

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