New Law Lets Community Colleges Offer Bachelor’s Degrees

Career College Central Summary:

  • One of the many bills Gov. Jerry Brown signed into law over the weekend makes it possible for some community colleges in California to offer bachelor's degrees.
  • The new law allows the California chancellor of community colleges to choose 15 community colleges to be the first to offer bachelor's degrees.
  • San Diego Community College Chancellor Constance Carroll said many schools are vying for a spot in the pilot program.
  • “Well, statewide I know at least 47 of the 72 community college districts are planning to submit proposals, and we are too,” Carroll said.
  • Getting a four-year degree has become more and more difficult.
  • Last year, more than 77,000 people applied to San Diego State University and more than 89,000 tried to go to UC San Diego.
  • Applications far exceed openings at both SDSU and UC San Diego.
  • State Sen. Marty Block introduced and co-authored the bill. He said that the difficulty of getting into SDSU and UC San Diego inspired him to write the bill.
  • “In San Diego it's difficult to get a four-year public bachelor's degree because San Diego State is so impacted, UCSD is impacted,” Block said.
  • “So it occurred to me, why not let San Diego City College, Mesa College, all of the other good colleges in San Diego and the state offer this four-year degree.”
  • Baccalaureate degrees offered at the chosen campuses will not duplicate degrees offered by UC or the CSU campuses.
  • Block said that the bill was also a response to for-profit schools targeting veterans.

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