Online Degrees Becoming More Accepted

Employers are viewing online degrees more favorably, reports Industry Market Trends.

Reuters reported that online education grew 13 percent last year, and nearly one-quarter of students now take some online college courses. Adult, mid-career professionals, in particular, are participating in online learning.

Although there is still a stigma attached to online education, acceptance of online learning is growing, and many corporations are hiring applicants with online degrees or providing tuition reimbursement for online programs.

A survey of human resources professionals by the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) found that 76 percent view online university degrees more favorably today than they did five years ago. In addition, 58 percent of respondents said individual courses taken through online universities are as credible as traditional university courses. Of SHRM’s respondents, 95 percent said there is no difference between tuition reimbursement between employees studying through accredited online universities and those studying through accredited traditional universities.

A study found that 83 percent of employers and hiring managers consider online degrees more acceptable than they were five years ago. The survey also found that the majority of hiring managers consider an online degree received through an established university more acceptable than a degree earned through an online-only university.

The U.S. Department of Education also reported this year that some online learning, or blended learning, is actually superior to exclusively face-to-face learning.


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