Search Ads Come to YouTube

Quiz: What’s the No. 2 search site?

Answer: If you guessed "Yahoo," you’re wrong. Internet users now conduct more searches on YouTube (2.5 billion in August) than they do on Yahoo (2.4 billion), according to comScore’s expanded search query report.

So it is not surprising that YouTube’s parent, Google, is thinking of turning those searches into dollars. The company has begun testing video ads that are aimed at specific YouTube searches. The system works a lot like the hugely profitable AdWords system for search ads on Google. Type "Tina Fey" into YouTube’s search box and, along with the search results, you may find a somewhat relevant ad for the movie "W" as well as a significantly less relevant ad for the University of Phoenix. (This is a test, after all.) The "W" ad links to a trailer on YouTube for the Oliver Stone movie and the University of Phoenix ad links to that school’s YouTube channel.

"We are constantly testing a wide range of options to find the right advertising format, for the right content, for the right video experience on YouTube — whether you’re watching short videos or long videos, uploading videos, or even searching for videos on our site," said Aaron Zamost, a YouTube spokesman. "We do not believe there is one advertising solution for YouTube, but lots of valuable ways for advertisers to engage with our audience." Read full story. (

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