Study Says Schools May Overlook Non-College Bound Students

Career College Central summary:

  • A recent report titled "Education and Health in Schools: A Survey of Parents," noted that students with more nontraditional aspirations may be falling by the wayside in school.
  • The study, conducted by the Harvard School of Public Health, NPR and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, found that many parents are concerned that high schools overlook students who are not bound for a traditional bachelor's degree program. About four in 10 parents say schools are not sufficiently preparing students who will not attend college.
  • Additionally, 24% of parents believe their child's schools puts too little emphasis on technology and computers. That is particularly startling considering the rapid job growth occurring in these fields, both for those with a four-year degree and other levels of education.
  • Although many parents may be worried about the future of their children, those who are raising girls tend to be even more concerned. Approximately 49% of parents of girls felt that high schools were not doing enough to prepare their children for the workforce, compared to just 37% of boys' parents.

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