Sullivan University Goes Green Turning Old Hotel into Energy Efficient ‘Living’ Classroom

You may have seen it just recently off of the Watterson Expressway; a newly renovated building that used to be a hotel.

It’s all part of Sullivan University and it has people talking about not only its looks, but about its unique green features.

From the start, the new building has been engineered and built with the environment in mind.

Sullivan University president, Glenn Sullivan, explains "As part of our greening efforts and to promote this effort of efficiency and sustainability, one of the things we did was build this building as a working classroom for students; and so, this building is built to meet lead standards for design and energy efficiency. As part of what we’ve done with the building, we’ve left all our systems open so that our students can study them and be aware of how a building works. It’s a living classroom. As part of our green efforts in this building, we took pains to make sure we used low or no voc components in the building; vocs are volatile organic compounds. And you don’t want to be breathing them. And so for our flooring, our carpeting, our upholstery and all our paints are low, or very low, voc materials. It makes for a cleaner breathing environment for everyone.”

This kind of construction does cost more, so what’s in it for Sullivan?

“We want to build things for the long term. We are planning to be here for the long term, so we will see that pay off. And our students see that pay off every day because they come to school in a cleaner environment, which enables them to be more productive,” said Sullivan.

So what they have is a greener environment and better students.


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