Tech to Watch: GetSet

Career College Central Summary:

  • GetSet is taking an algorithmic approach to the drop-out problem, building a natural language processing (NLP) engine that asks students to feed it with data about their college aims and problems which it uses to match students to others who have similar goals/backgrounds or who had the same sort of issues previously and overcame them.
  • Fixing the problem of student orientation in a new and potentially alienating environment is key to the college drop-out problem, argues GetSet CEO and founder Karan Goel, because “social factors” play the biggest role in high US college drop-out rates. He says research has shown that more than half (54%) of college drop-outs are driven by social factors, such as students not feeling like they fit in or not making friends, vs around a third (30%) leaving for financial reasons, and even fewer (16%) for academic reasons.
  • The GetSet system gives freshers a social platform that connects them to similar peers — based on things like their shared goals — to help them make friends when they first arrive. And even before day one at college.
  • “We use a community of peers to create instant support,” is how Goel puts it. He stresses that it is instant — it’s not a forum style system where you post a question and have to wait an indeterminate amount of time for a response; the matching is done immediately.

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