Two-Tiered Tuition Is Back

Career College Central summary:

  • A small group of California community colleges can now experiment with charging more for high-demand courses.
  • Last week Governor Jerry Brown signed a controversial law that will allow up to six colleges to give two-tiered tuition a try with extension courses in summer and winter terms. Officials at one of those institutions — Long Beach City College — said the college would participate in the voluntary pilot program.
  • The idea is a controversial one in California, in part because of the state’s deep commitment to an open access and low tuition rates at its 112 community colleges.
  • Protests erupted last year at Santa Monica College when the institution's leaders considered charging a premium to add course sections. Outraged students said their wealthier peers would be able to skip long waitlists that made it impossible for many students to get into needed course sections. The college later dropped the plan.

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