University Offers Free ID Chips to K9s

After hearing about a police dog put down because it had no identification, a Minnesota university launched a program to provide free computer identification chips to K9s.

Veternary techs and students at Argosy University took action after learning about the death of Felony.

Felony was a Howard Lakes police dog who was accidentally euthanized by a humane society after he escaped from his kennel. Felony had no identification.

The mix-up struck a nerve with the Minneapolis Police Department which was not placing the identification chips in its dogs.

Experts say each dog can be worth up to $15,000. And in an era of tight budgets, the dogs are not easily replaceable.

The department decided to take up Argosy University on its offer for free chips and had them place in all 17 of its police dogs.

Argosy University is offering the chips to all K9s in the state of Minnesota.


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