Wanted: New Ideas For Closing The Skills Gap

Careeer College Central summary:

  • Millions of young college graduates are now heading to job fairs wondering if they really have what it takes to cut it in this job market. New research indicates that employers are just as doubtful. The latest jobs report contains : The U.S. is finally back to the total number of jobs reached six years ago at the start of the recession. But unemployment remains high for the youngest workers. that those who have graduated since the crash are likely to feel some negative effects for the rest of their careers.
  • When we talk about young workers' difficulty landing that first job, the phrase that comes up most often is "skills gap." Normally this is seen as the failure of educators, from kindergarten on up, to prepare students for the workforce. In response, there's been a redoubled focus on "college and career readiness." are amplifying the message. And announced this week will provide students with "career readiness" scores.
  • All that puts the onus on schools to close this gap. A turned the question around a bit, and asked: What is your company doing to help graduates and new applicants acquire the necessary know-how to succeed? The research, by The Economist, was funded by the Lumina Foundation and released June 4.

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