WASHINGTON POST: Why so many students are spending six years getting a college degree

Career College Central Summary:

  • College, as the saying goes, is supposed to be the best four years of your life. But there's increasingly a new norm for students: spending six years getting a degree.
  • Even the government now measures whether students graduate on time if they do it within six years, rather than four.
  • Taking longer to graduate isn't cheap. It costs $15,933 more in tuition, fees and room and board for every extra year at a public two-year college and $22,826 for every added year at a public four-year college, according to a new report by the nonprofit Complete College America.
  • At a time when total student debt has surpassed $1 trillion, getting students to graduate on time has become critical.
  • So what's the reason behind students spending so much extra time getting their degrees?
  • Colleges have added too many unnecessary degree requirements and remedial courses that keep students in school for much longer than needed, according to the report.

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