What’s Going on with Young Veterans in the Labor Market?

Career College Central Summary:

  • One thing that jumps out is that veterans under 30 are much less educated than their peers.
  • Data from the 2012 American Community Survey show that just 30 percent of those aged 25 to 30 have completed an associate’s degree or higher, compared to 44 percent of their non-veteran peers.
  • By contrast, older veterans have much higher rates of degree completion and only a small gap with their non-veteran peers of 2 percentage points for those aged 36 to 64.
  • The gap even extends to fields of study. Just 5.7 percent of Vets aged 25 to 30 have completed a bachelor’s degree in a high-paying STEM major, compared to 10.4 percent of non-Vets in the same age and at least 10.0 percent of veterans in every older age cohort.
  • The problem is not that young veterans are foregoing college, just not completing.
  • 74 percent have attended at least some college compared to 68 percent of their non-veteran peers aged 25 to 30.One potential explanation is the quality of schools that young veterans attend.
  • A survey from the Department of Education found 16 percent of undergraduate veterans and 23 percent of graduate veterans were enrolled in for-profit colleges.
  • Comparable figures for the non-veteran population were not available, but only 6 percent of total U.S. completions come from those schools.

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