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Enzi Blasts ‘Gainful Employment’ Proposal on For-profit Schools

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Sen. Mike Enzi (Wyo.), senior Republican on the Senate education committee, is slamming a White House proposal designed to prevent students at for-profit career colleges from defaulting on their loans.

The proposal, Enzi said in comments submitted this month to the Department of Education (DOE), would not only disadvantage for-profit schools relative to their nonprofit competitors, …

Blog: Great Stuff Regarding Gainful Employment

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By Michael Platt

The only thing more frightening than the Department of Education (DOE) and their veiled attempt to destroy the for-profit sector of higher education, is the complacency or even arrogance from schools in our sector. While everyone is trying to figure out who the winners and losers will be, a highly respected research group, …

For-profit Colleges Get a Bum Deal

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In a city of ego, "deputy undersecretary at the Department of Education" hardly exudes power. When Bob Shireman, 49, came to Washington last year to work for the Obama administration, little did he know he’d be at the center of a regulatory maelstrom over for-profit colleges. His goals, which he met, were to switch the …

In Rising Student-Loan Defaults, More Fodder for Fight Over ‘Gainful Employment’ Rule

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The percentage of borrowers defaulting on their student loans has risen for a third year in a row, reaching an 11-year high of 7 percent, according to U.S. Education Department data released on Monday.

As usual, the "cohort default rate" for 2008, the most recent data available, is highest at for-profit colleges, averaging 11.6 percent, a …

Duking It Out on ‘Gainful Employment’

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WASHINGTON — After more than a year of wrangling, the last chance for colleges, associations and individuals to weigh in on the U.S. Department of Education’s "gainful employment" rules came to a close last week with the end of the public comment period on the department’s proposed regulations.

Since late July, when the Education Department shared …

Blog: Stand Up Against Gainful Employment

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By Kevin Kuzma

"Make a difference" is a call to action that is used so often, it sometimes doesn’t even register with us. The trouble with that phrase is that we frequently give our time or money to causes and we know it makes an impact, somehow, even if the results aren’t immediately evident to us. …

Education Dept. Offers Answers on ‘Gainful Employment’

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Responding to criticism following the release of institution-by-institution student loan repayment data, the U.S. Department of Education on Tuesday published answers to some "frequently asked questions" it has gotten since publishing the data on Aug. 13. Most of the document reiterates what the department has already said about the data and its approach to defining …

Business Lobby Blasts New ‘Gainful Employment’ Proposal for Career Colleges

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The U.S. Chamber of Commerce this week is slamming a new White House proposal designed to ensure that career college students are trained for jobs lucrative enough to pay back their federal loans — an issue for the healthcare industry, because a huge percentage of medical professionals are trained at for-profit institutions.

"This ill-conceived regulation will …

New Rules on Student Debt Shouldn’t be Limited to For-profit Colleges

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The Obama administration wants for-profit career colleges to better prepare students for gainful employment and to improve debt-repayment rates. The government is threatening to pull access to federal student aid for colleges that fail to show progress.

Under the administration’s proposed rules, if a program graduated a large share of students with excessive debt compared with …

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