A Customer-Caring Campus

I've been having some great chats with customer service reps. Sound amazing? Complaints and inquiry calls are  usually such a pain. But I've been getting results. Made me think that each company must have a serious customer care program in place. Then I thought that every career school needs a serious customer or student care program in place, too.  Without  students there is no school and without happy students there is no word of mouth or  referral marketing opportunities. So how can you create a great customer/student care program at your school?  We have found it takes the involvement of everyone on staff. So why not start with some meetings to discuss what customer care is really all about. Get a buy-in as to its value.  And then have brainstorming sessions to decide how to put customer care into action at your campus. Successful customer/student care programs usually take a lot of planning with specific tasks and responses clearly identified. It takes a lot to make a school customer-friendly. What are you doing at yours?


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