Ambassador Education Solutions Presents A New Course Materials Platform, RODA

Ambassador Education Solutions Presents A New Course Materials Platform, RODA: Season 1, Episode 2

Course Materials Have Never Been Easier

Ambassador’s revolutionary course materials platform, RODA, is everything students need to access course materials—and everything schools and publishers need to manage the moving parts.

RODA aggregates all content and applications for students, and layers it with the integrations, support services, analytics, financial controls, and compliance for schools and publishers to bring it all together—all through one flexible and easy-to-use platform.

Who Is It For?

For Students, No More Navigating Multiple Platforms

RODA simplifies access to affordable course materials through one centralized course materials platform so that students can focus less on logistics and more on learning.

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For Schools, No More Weighing Down IT

RODA streamlines course materials operations and publisher relationships. RODA manages integrations, provides detailed usage and cost transparency, configures access to content based on duration, facilitates opt-outs and compliance for Inclusive Access programs, and handles all publisher-related issues.

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For Publishers, No More Guesswork

RODA eases the account management, integration and reconciliation processes. RODA allows publishers to lock down content for students who opt-out and provides verifiable data for all transactions so publishers are accurately compensated.

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Let’s Move Forward Together

RODA is built upon the same technology that students, schools, and publishers have come to know and expect from Ambassador, as well as added controls, functionality, and analytics to address changing market dynamics. Plus, RODA is backed by Ambassador’s responsive, reliable Client Services and IT support teams.

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Combating the fragmented approach to content that students, schools, and publishers have faced, RODA improves accessibility, affordability, and transparency. RODA is more important than ever before as schools embrace new learning models, especially in this increasingly digital world.


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