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More on Low Hanging Fruit

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The idea that there’s quick results from “low hanging fruit” has been very intriguing lately. The theory is that abundance in terms of new students, program offerings, student services, and more is so easily attainable. You just have to look for the low hanging fruit. No need to get a fancy cherry picker because you don’t need to go to the top of the tree for results.  Low hanging fruit has no risk attached to it, is ripe or ready, and provides a solution instantly.  Think about increasing enrollment for example. Where are potential leads that are likely to enroll? Referrals come to mind. Are you using referral methods or if no, why not?  What other solutions are you looking for that are really all …

The Goal of Retention

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If Retention becomes a passion at your school everyone on staff might just do things a little differently. And sometimes doing things just a bit differently can make a very big impact. So you might start by making Retention the goal of every employee on campus.  First get everyone to buy into the benefits of Retention. Keep it simple. There’s the altruistic benefit – students get to change their lives. There’s the realistic benefit – employees get to keep their jobs because there’s a healthy cash flow. At a meeting ask each person to tell what they WILL do every day to ensure students are successful and satisfied. You’ll be amazed the ideas that are shared. The ideas don’t have to be fancy or complicated …

The Case for Formal Training

Training is vital to the successful operation of a career school. Orientation is the first order of business for a new employee and continued training improves employee competence. Superior employee performance yields efficient school operation. Ensuring that employees are well trained is one of the fundamental responsibilities of a manager or supervisor. The free tutorial below discusses the importance of formal training and offers guidelines for setting up effective training programs for your school personnel.

Upon completion of this tutorial, you should be able to identify:

Reasons why training is important to your school operations
The characteristics of formal training and appropriate uses for informal training
Possible causes of poor employee performance and circumstances under which training is an appropriate solution to poor performance
Good practices for the transfer of …

How to Delegate Effectively

Delegation is about empowering employees to act and make decisions. When you delegate, you are assigning authority, responsibility, and accountability. Managers and supervisors who delegate effectively will always accomplish more than those who try to do all-important activities themselves. The free tutorial below discusses the important steps required for effective delegation.

Upon completion of this tutorial, you should be able to identify:

Good delegation practices
The importance of defining job functions
The conditions that promote a sense of ownership among employees

This is a free tutorial! Enjoy!
How To Delegate Effectively

Developing Basic Leadership Qualities & Skills

Many researchers have tried to identify leadership qualities. While there seems to be no one leadership type of personality, qualities common to many leaders have been identified. The free tutorial below discusses the personal qualities and skills one must possess or develop to become an effective leader.

Upon completion of this tutorial, you should be able to identify:

The basic leadership qualities
The basic leadership skills
Ways to improve your leadership qualities and skills

This is a free tutorial! Enjoy!
Developing Basic Leadership Qualities & Skills


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Get this … the median age of employees here at PlattForm Advertising is 28.5 … which is actually UP from a year ago when it was only 26.25?  This is a company that’s filled with fresh-faced (and freshly-scrubbed) employees.   I mean – who better to promote the college industry than recent college graduates, yes?

At the ripe age of 36 … I’m considered the wise old sage in my department.  And I find myself peppering my conversation with such euphemisms as “bling”, “that’s hot” and “wicked sweet” to keep up with my younger, hipper cohorts.   What’s next, I ask you?  (Chances are … a My Space page.)

Career College Central Lands Four MarCom Awards

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It’s a sector of higher education that often gets overlooked, but come awards time, Career College Central couldn’t be denied.Earlier this month, the MarCom Awards competition released results for the 2006-2007 awards year. Career College Central, which at submittal time hadn’t yet made it through a full year in publication, won four awards in writing- and design-related categories.Editorial staff members won awards in the following categories:

Writing/Feature Article: Editor Kevin Kuzma, Platinum Award

Design/Magazine Interior: Laura Anderson, Honorable Mention

Overall Magazine/Industry: Kevin Kuzma and Laura Anderson, Honorable Mention

Illustration: Bryan Long, Gold Award

The bimonthly magazine launched by PlattForm in January has already managed to become the definitive voice of the career college sector of higher education. Featuring in-depth coverage of important news and events impacting career colleges, the magazine …

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