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Blog: Marketing Yourself as a Candidate

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Candidates always ask, what is the best thing I can do to improve my marketability with prospective employers? Of course there is not one magic secret, but here are some key ingredients in the recipe for advancement in the career college industry:

Make sure that present and past employers have a solid reputation.

Try to keep job changes to a minimum. Stability, stability, stability. It shows a future employer a lot about your reliability, tenacity, ability to work through conflict, etc.

Have concrete accomplishments that you can list for each position that you have had. For example, an increase in student population, an increase in retention of student or possibly staff.

Try not to take a step back in responsibility. For example, if you are a DOA and then …

Blog: Good Times, Bad Publicity for Career Colleges

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Even during a golden era career colleges still manage to attract negative publicity. "For-profit schools," as the traditional media has dubbed them, are boasting their highest enrollment numbers ever and setting new revenue records. University of Phoenix, for example, set its first billion dollar quarter according to numbers released last month.

While traditional colleges, universities and community colleges are in the news for the challenges they are facing, you'd think some positive press might be directed toward the career college sector. More media attention has been focused on career training-oriented and online schools, but the majority of the attention has been negative.

Before I get too deep into this post, I have to apologize. In the last few months, I’ve turned into an online narc. On second …

Measuring the ROI of Your Employee Training Programs

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If you are like most career colleges, you are probably very good at calculating the ROI for your various advertising programs but have never measured the ROI for your employee training programs.

I have seen many “quality-driven” schools that view training as an essential component of their continuous improvement plan. The leaders of these institutions are completely sold on the value of training and are convinced that timely and effective training is needed to ensure quality and profitability. Naturally, these quality-driven schools automatically meet the compliance requirements set forth by their licensing and accrediting agencies.

My question for these quality-driven institutions is this. Do you measure the return on investment (ROI) for your employee training programs? I know it’s not easy to isolate and measure the impact …

Blog: The Race for Solid Leaders

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As the business of career education expands into online and degree granting programs, the competition for solid leaders grows. This is furthered by the addition of new companies, new campuses and branches and new areas of study that are coming into the market place each year. As you well know, the career college sector is a fast-paced, hard-hitting environment and requires a certain stamina and talent that not everyone has. This means that good managers are hard to come by and the first-rate professionals are like a needle in a haystack.

What does this mean for the employer? In the recent past it was common for companies to work carefully and thoroughly through the hiring process, often taking several weeks to several months before a final …

Blog: Obama’s Free Online Courses Overstep Career Education Boundaries

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In the virtual world, it’s hard to see where the boundary lines have been drawn between various industries and competitors fighting for the same customers within those realms. Those boundaries are even easier to miss when you’re a well-meaning presidential administration hoping to make yet another big impact on the American people.

As far as intentions go, the Obama administration inspired voters with hope and followed through after taking office by jumping into several troubled industries. By taking sweeping measures to the tune of hundreds of billions of dollars, they’ve promised to turn around a war, the automotive industry, the banking industry, and, of course, education. Good intentions are behind all those moves, but I hope the administration’s recent concept to deliver free online courses through …

Career College Students Feel Pinch

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One casualty of Ohio budget cuts could be state financial aid to students at for-profit career colleges.

With the state facing a budget gap that could reach $3 billion during the next two years, need-based funding for more than 22,000 students statewide at schools including Kaplan College and National College appears unlikely.

Those students include Belinda Shuler of Mount Healthy, who is pursuing an associate's degree in accounting at National College in Bond Hill. She has gotten as much as $4,000 a year in state funds toward total tuition of nearly $10,000 a year.

Blog: Real Estate Notices, Gabe Kaplan and Faltering Traditional Schools

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This might be an amateurish way to demonstrate how career schools and traditional colleges are going opposite directions, but for a quick blog post, I don’t think we have to be all scientific: in the last month, our staff has received an abundance of notices about career college real estate purchases and campus expansions while getting nada from traditional colleges.

As administrators to the news added to top stories on, our staff receives daily Google Alerts based on certain key words. For the search term “Kaplan,” for example, it’s not uncommon to receive press releases about Kaplan University extracted from the day's news that are perfectly suitable for our web site. The downside, though, is we get any reference in the media to …

Leadership Quote

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If five people share responsibility for a failure, how does that 100% get divided?  A true leader knows there is only one answer:

You – 100%
Person #2 – 100%
Person #3 – 100%
Person #4 – 100%
Person #5 – 100%

Each individual assuming 100% responsibility for the failure generates 100% effort to correct the problem and make it a success. Add it up and you get 5X the effort.  And by the way, less than 100% always seems to make it someone else's fault. Interesting how that works.

Why Students Are Leaving Your College or University

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Things are changing rapidly in our society, economy and campuses. The status quo has starting to become more of the status qua? What was truth, fact or really more belief and certainty are being replaced by new realities. And those realities have even started to be felt on college campuses where we all worked so hard not to let change in even though we felt perfectly at ease telling everyone what they needed to change.

The old we always do it that way is being replaced with, well, we can’t do it that way any more. And it really did not work then but we let it go because there was enough money around to let you resist change. Now…not so much. We also need to …

4-year Colleges Graduate 53% in 6 Years

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Even as colleges nationwide celebrate commencement season, hundreds of schools are failing to graduate a majority of their students in six years, a report says today.

Nationally, four-year colleges graduated an average of just 53% of entering students within six years, and "rates below 50%, 40% and even 30% are distressingly easy to find," says the report by the American Enterprise Institute, a conservative think tank. It's based on data reported to the Education Department by nearly 1,400 schools about full-time first-time students who entered in fall 2001.

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