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10 Top Tactics for Shameless Self Promotion at Work

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Today, more than ever before, it's important that those who are in a position to benefit your career know who you are and what you’ve accomplished.  Successful professionals understand the importance both of being visible and letting others know about their achievements.  As importantly, they know how to reach this objective in an appropriate way that is not construed as bragging or conceit.

Roadblocks are Opportunities

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Roadblocks are opportunies…or they're just roadblocks. You choose how to relate to them.

Leadership Courage

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It's not courageous to bunge jump, if you are not afraid of heights. Nor is it courageous to swim with sharks, if they don't scare you. Courage is action taken through the fear. Fear must be present for true courage to be shown.


Great Leaders

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Great leaders don't concern themselves with what other people think. Leadership is not a popularity contest. They DO, however, care about what they think of themselves. Conscience is a terrific filter for leaders.

Credibility in Employee Training

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Employees have the tendency to listen to a trainer that they perceive to be the expert.

Leaders never …

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Leaders never seek the easy way out. They kind of like being "In the Weeds"


Texas is Top Relocation Destination

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In today’s economic climate many schools continue to struggle with hiring relocation candidates.  Finding the perfect candidate has become half the battle.  The other half is finding one who can move to your location!

There are several bright spots for relocation though, and this one comes to us courtesy of our relocation specialist Lauri Johnson at FAS Relocation Network.

Blog: Dipping Stocks will Rebound

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They’ll be back. That was my immediate reaction after reading the Rueters wire story summarizing yesterday’s market activity involving “for-profit” school stocks. The report noted that career colleges stumbled after President Barack Obama proposed shifting federal student loans into a “direct-loan program”. The program would be administered by the U.S. Department of Education.

Under Obama’s plan, students and parents would get Stafford and PLUS (parent) Loans directly through the department, rather than through private lenders participating in the Federal Family Education Loan Program (FFELP).

Keeping it Simple

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I’ve been thinking a lot about focusing on the easy-to-implement ways of solving problems. Takes the stress out of life and usually gets more results. Now when I have a “situation” I do three things:

1. Look at the problem.
2. Consider an implementation plan. That means put an action plan in place with a specific outcome in mind.
3 Analyze – what were the results, the return on investment, how much money was made??  Keeps the energy focused on results.

How does this work for you??

Blog: Holding on to Antiquation

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Publishers across the country are standing on a ledge today looking down into the dark rectangle that will soon be the grave for print publications. The deaths of newspapers and magazines have been sudden ones – strokes as opposed to long bouts with cancer – with the final blows being rained on them from a struggling economy and a world of technology they were never able to fathom.

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