Blog: Commentary on Government Intervention in Education

When we allow (yes, it is up to those of us who elect these politicians) the government to run businesses, including schools, they seem to lack appropriate problem-solving capabilities.

What is blatantly apparent to me in reading this article is that while Career Colleges may also increase tuition, they continue to improve the quality of education and focus on programmatic offerings that are based on where the jobs are in our economy. Students of these traditional universities don't seem to feel that way about "their" education providers.

As with the automotive industry, this administration keeps throwing money we don’t have at failing businesses like the community college system, and trying to fix the problems by charging the taxpayers more money, in this case through increased tuition. And let’s be fair here … our government owns and run these businesses. There is no other reasonable way to look at it. 

And yes, there may be an occasional student or two that complain about their Career College, but never a national protest. Yet our government, through negotiated rulemaking, continues to focus on solving minor issues while ignoring the major problems in their own house. They continue to look for ways to inhibit private industry which creates an unfair advantage for “their” schools.  This simply makes no sense. Why is our government competing with private industry…competing with our citizens?

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