Blog: Marketing Yourself as a Candidate

Candidates always ask, what is the best thing I can do to improve my marketability with prospective employers? Of course there is not one magic secret, but here are some key ingredients in the recipe for advancement in the career college industry:

  • Make sure that present and past employers have a solid reputation.
  • Try to keep job changes to a minimum. Stability, stability, stability. It shows a future employer a lot about your reliability, tenacity, ability to work through conflict, etc.
  • Have concrete accomplishments that you can list for each position that you have had. For example, an increase in student population, an increase in retention of student or possibly staff.
  • Try not to take a step back in responsibility. For example, if you are a DOA and then go back to a rep job it can be hard to get back into management. Of course there are exceptions to this but generally speaking this is something to avoid.
  • Be open on your geographical parameters. For example, if you are only willing to look at positions in Mobile, AL, that is going to drastically limit your ability to move ahead. If you are open geographically then there will be a wider array of opportunities.

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