Developing Basic Leadership Qualities & Skills

Many researchers have tried to identify leadership qualities. While there seems to be no one leadership type of personality, qualities common to many leaders have been identified. The free tutorial below discusses the personal qualities and skills one must possess or develop to become an effective leader.

Upon completion of this tutorial, you should be able to identify:

The basic leadership qualities
The basic leadership skills
Ways to improve your leadership qualities and skills

This is a free tutorial! Enjoy!
Developing Basic Leadership Qualities & Skills


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Get this … the median age of employees here at PlattForm Advertising is 28.5 … which is actually UP from a year ago when it was only 26.25?  This is a company that’s filled with fresh-faced (and freshly-scrubbed) employees.   I mean – who better to promote the college industry than recent college graduates, yes?

At the ripe age of 36 … I’m considered the wise old sage in my department.  And I find myself peppering my conversation with such euphemisms as “bling”, “that’s hot” and “wicked sweet” to keep up with my younger, hipper cohorts.   What’s next, I ask you?  (Chances are … a My Space page.)

Career College Central Lands Four MarCom Awards

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It’s a sector of higher education that often gets overlooked, but come awards time, Career College Central couldn’t be denied.Earlier this month, the MarCom Awards competition released results for the 2006-2007 awards year. Career College Central, which at submittal time hadn’t yet made it through a full year in publication, won four awards in writing- and design-related categories.Editorial staff members won awards in the following categories:

Writing/Feature Article: Editor Kevin Kuzma, Platinum Award

Design/Magazine Interior: Laura Anderson, Honorable Mention

Overall Magazine/Industry: Kevin Kuzma and Laura Anderson, Honorable Mention

Illustration: Bryan Long, Gold Award

The bimonthly magazine launched by PlattForm in January has already managed to become the definitive voice of the career college sector of higher education. Featuring in-depth coverage of important news and events impacting career colleges, the magazine …

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