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The Benefits of Becoming an Automotive Mechanic


Are you wondering if auto mechanic training was the right choice? Or are you trying to determine if this career path is right for you? Let’s talk about some of the reasons we think automotive mechanic training is a great option for students who love tinkering with cars.


First, let’s talk about the need for qualified auto mechanics. When you choose a career, it’s important to look for areas of opportunity. Fortunately for students who enjoy fixing cars and trucks, we’re already experiencing a shortage of mechanics in some areas of the United States.


According to a New York Times article from April 2017, many areas are experiencing an auto mechanic shortage. These shortages have caused car dealers to step up and hire mechanics — at rates that could equal $100,000 a year at some dealerships. Now, you probably won’t find very many auto mechanics who make in that ballpark all over the country. But maybe there are cities within commuting distance that do pay higher than average for your location.


Speaking of salary, the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reports that auto mechanics can earn an average wage of $18.50 per hour. This can be an attractive starting wage for entry-level workers, especially compared to common lower-wage alternatives. The best way to find out how much auto mechanics are making in your area is to explore the different types of shops nearby to see what your options are. That’s also why we recommend checking out all the schools in your area as well.


And if you’re an auto mechanic student, talk to your counselor about jobs available in your area. Be sure to show up to every class. Your hands-on training will be critical to success when you start working. After about five years in the field, you can earn your Master Mechanic status and shoot for the highest positions in this field. You might even decide to open your own shop one day. But it all starts with your job training.


Are you still looking for the right auto mechanic training? We have resources and search tools to help you narrow your options to schools in your state. All you have to do is request info from schools in your area to learn more. If you enroll at one of our partner schools, you can earn up to $1,000 toward your tuition.


How can you succeed in an auto mechanic program?

Most important, find a program with experienced instructors who work with students in a well-equipped shop. As you pursue your education, schedule regular check-ins with your career advisers to make sure you’re developing a sense of what you need to do when you complete your training.

Good luck as you continue your path toward an auto mechanic career. If you haven’t looked over our Road Map to Student Success, make sure you check it out. And download our new mobile app to continue receiving important updates and information for students like yourself.