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Why Dental Assisting Can Be a Great Career Choice for Students


If you’re an Imagine America scholarship recipient enrolled in a dental assisting program, good for you! We think this career path presents growing opportunities for students who want to enter the field of health care and have an interest in dentistry. If you’re not currently enrolled in a dental assisting program but want to learn more about this career, this information is for you as well. Take a few moments to learn why we recommend checking out dental assistant programs near you.


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Reasons why we recommend dental assistant training for students

Students look for a number of things before choosing dental assistant careers and training programs. First, students want to know how much they can expect to earn in this role. You want to be sure the math adds up, right? Also, students like to know they’ll have a shot at a long-term career in the field. And they want to know where the closest employers in their area are and what the job market looks like.



According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), dental assistants earned an average wage of $36,940 per year in 2016. When you compare this salary for an entry-level position to that of a minimum wage job, you can see why many students seek dental assistant training as an entrance to the rapidly growing field of health care.


Job growth

Another great thing about dental assistant jobs is the outlook for professionals. The average job growth for all occupations is expected to be around 7 percent between 2014 and 2024. However, dental assistant jobs are expected to grow at an 18 percent rate in the same period. That’s more than double the national rate!


Opportunities for dental assistant jobs

Of course, you’ll have to discuss this topic throughout your training to make sure you understand the job landscape in your area. Many schools have relationships with local dental offices. This can help you get internship experience and make the connection for your first interview after you complete your dental assistant program.


Ready to find and compare dental assistant programs near you? Just use our handy school search tools. Then make sure you apply for our Imagine America career college scholarship opportunities today!