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Why Becoming a Registered Nurse (RN) Is a Great Career Goal


If you know you want to have a career that allows you to help people heal, and one that offers long-term stability and plenty of options, nursing could be perfect for you. Becoming a registered nurse (RN) can open doors of opportunity in the growing field of health care if you complete the right training program. If you’re already an Imagine America scholarship recipient, continue reading to learn why you’re on the right track. For students who want to develop job skills in health care, we encourage you to search for schools in your area using our interactive map and then apply for an Imagine America scholarship. This aid could be worth up to $1,000 toward your tuition at one of our participating schools.


In addition to offering scholarships, Imagine America is dedicated to engaging students in multiple ways to inspire them to keep learning. That’s why we offer our Financial Planning Made Simple (FPMS) tool and our Road Map to Student Success to help students every step of the way. Go ahead and download our mobile app to take advantage of all our resources, and submit your scholarship application today!


Benefits of registered nursing (RN) programs

Nursing is a hot career for many reasons. Not only is growth in the field of health care fueling this growth, but there are so many types of nurse specialties and health care facilities that hire nurses — it’s a world of opportunity in many cities. To become an RN, you need to complete an associate degree program. But you can get to this level in stages — first by completing a medical assistant diploma or certificate program, and then working toward your associate degree while you gain work experience. Many RNs eventually go on to complete a bachelor’s degree program (RN to BSN), which can open further doors to job advancement and employment if you’re motivated.


Registered nurse salary and career outlook

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reports the average salary for registered nurses in May 2016 was $68,450 per year. Additionally, the anticipated job growth for RNs from 2014 to 2024 is 16 percent — more than double the national average of 7 percent for all other occupations combined.


If you start your path toward a nurse career through medical assistant training, you can expect to earn an average salary of $31,540 per year. This job growth is a whopping 23 percent, so it’s not a bad place to begin. If you do start out with medical assisting education, be sure you enroll in a program that allows your credits to transfer into an associate degree RN program. This is another reason why you should request information and compare all your options for nurse training — no matter where you are on your path toward success.


Are you ready to find the right registered nursing program?

Let us help you get on your road to success in nursing. Take a moment to use our interactive map to view schools that offer Imagine America scholarships. To find out if you qualify for up to $1,000 in funds toward your tuition, download our mobile app and submit your application right now!