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Technological Integrity

By John Assunto, President – The Hudson Group

Technological Integrity (yes, that is the buzz term of the day!) is becoming a more and more of an issue when seeking top talent.   As a search consultant, it is unfortunate that every once and a while we will see resumes go beyond exaggeration to outright lies.  Length of time of employment, job titles, responsibilities, even companies that did not exist certainly are areas that raise yellow and even red flags.

With the growth of social networking and the popularity of websites such as Linked In, the lack of Technological Integrity unfortunately is starting to become a bit of an epidemic…My staff and I have noticed that the “Virtual Resume” often does not match the “Actual Resume”.  This is …

Sometimes You Just Have to Help a Friend

The rules and boundaries of executive search are not always black and white. As a recruiter I am often faced with a dilemma:
– Do I tell a friend in the sector about an opportunity that would be perfect for them even though it is not with a client company or do I keep my mouth shut because it won’t gain me a fee?

I am sure members of your campus are faced with the same challenges everyday.  Does an admissions representative try to enroll a student into a program they initially did not inquire about or do they send them down the street for the exact education they want knowing it’s one less student towards their start?

Recently I was faced with this challenge and …

Imitation is the Greatest Form of Flattery

How many times throughout your career have you invented or initiated a process, form, or new idea that quickly became the standard for your organization, school, or maybe even our sector?  More importantly how did you feel when that great idea was quickly adopted by others with no recognition for your ingenuity or hard work?

If you have encountered this scenario during your career then you might relate to the character in "Flash of Genius."  The movie is based on the true story of a college professor and part-time inventor Robert Kearns’ long battle with the U.S. automobile industry.  Granted you or I may not have come up with something as universal as the windshield wiper but it is still our work and we take pride …

The Counter-Offer: Do You Have Integrity?

The Counter-Offer: Do you have integrity after you give your word to a client you will accept their offer, and then take a counter-offer?

Our firm deals with helping people move forward in their careers every day.  In return for the work we do, we ask anyone we represent for a few professional courtesies that are quite nominal.  Should an offer from a client appear to be near, there is a very simple dialogue we like to engage in.  It usually sounds like we’re getting near the end of this process, along with thinking about what it’s going to take to get you on board, you should be preparing for your present company to approach you with a counter-offer.  At this point, I always ask "What …

Employee Retention 60K and Under

My fiance inspired this blog entry while on a current job search.  She is an experience dental assistant with every certification under the sun; has a solid employment history, and glowing references.  We found out 24hrs into her search that she would have her choice of about 12 different offices to work for.  Good news for every career school with a dental assisting program, there are still more jobs then qualified candidates.

She interviewed for several positions and accepted one with an office close to home.  The location was perfect and the pay was much higher than her previous position, but after only 3 days on the job she quit! 

Here is why:

The first day they had her work 11.5 hours.  3.5 were unscheduled.

The second …

Don’t Burn Those Bridges

Since I joined Hudson Consulting Group almost 6 years ago there has been one consistent piece of advice that I prefer to call words to live by when it comes to any of my staff that interacts in the Education arena with either clients or candidates…Don’t Burn a Bridge! My father gave that advice to me very early in life and meant it for both personal and professional relationships.

I started my career in education over 20 years ago and even though supervisors, peers and subordinates did not always see eye to eye – I’m proud to say that I’ve always left the door open to work through differences. We don’t always have to agree, and if things every got heated, I’d always want to be …