Choosing a Recession Proof Career

It’s becoming more of a reality with each passing day even if politicians are averse to use the proper term.

We are in a recession.
The combination of rising fuel costs, the war in Iraq, the rising price of food and the mortgage crisis in this country has put us in a severe economic downturn. Call it what you want but it has made many of feel extremely uneasy about our future.

How will we continue to live the lifestyles we’ve grown accustomed to? Is it possible? One way to ensure that you’ll come out of this horrendous period of economic history in decent shape is to find a career that can go relatively untouched by a wretched economy.

Here are five careers to consider if this is a concern of yours:

1. Think international.
With the state of the U.S. dollar in steady decline it may be time to consider relocating to Europe for a period of time where economies are thriving. If you have bilingual skills now is the time to put them to use. You probably wondered to yourself as you were taking your seventh year of Spanish: why do I need to know a foreign language? Well, this is the reason. It’s going to give you an opportunity to secure your financial future. Read full story. (Bankaholic)

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