Denise Daly

What value do students who've graduated from Dawn Career Institute bring to your company/organization?

The students from Dawn Career Institute are taught and trained in the skills they will need to enter the business world.  I have sat in on and spoken to classes in regards to how to handle themselves in the business world and what employers are looking for in a candidate. You know when you hire someone from Dawn that all of that has already been reviewed and that they are prepared and ready to start working in their field of study. In the certified nursing assistant (CNA) field, they are already prescreened and background checks are completed.

Why does your company/organization feel it's important to support the mission of career colleges such as Dawn Career Institute?

In order to fill the need of the current CNA market, it is imperative to have trained individuals who know the proper techniques of lifting, moving and helping the person in need so as not to hurt themselves. In order to move forward with a person’s decision to make a career in this field, a career college is necessary. The instruction is intense and covers everything the student needs to know in whatever field of study they choose.

How have the contributions of Dawn Career Institute graduates shaped the direction of your company/organization?

With a graduate of Dawn Career Institute, we have the confidence of knowing that the employees will conduct themselves in a manner reflecting the values of our company. Dawn will periodically call to check on the work of the graduate, and they always welcome feedback. The reputation of Dawn Career Institute precedes itself. 

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