Holly McKenna

What value do students who've graduated from Dawn Career Institute bring to your company/organization?

The students that Delaware Hospice has hired from Dawn Career Institute have been professional, knowledgeable, enthusiastic and truly prepared to enter into a new career based on their course offerings. We have hired Dawn graduates from the Nursing Assistant program, as well as administrative programs. I rely on Dawn Career Institute as a top recruiting source for my company.

Why does your company/organization feel it's important to support the mission of career colleges such as Dawn Career Institute?

Dawn’s curriculum and use of technology is superb. Most students coming into Dawn are looking for education/experience to start a new career or advance in their current role. Many students cannot afford a four-year university or do not have the time for that. Dawn’s programs are shorter, affordable and truly train students well to step into their new careers.

How have the contributions of Dawn Career Institute graduates shaped the direction of your company/organization?

The Dawn graduates working at Delaware Hospice have excellent work ethics and strive to work hard and do their best in their job with us. We can count on them to support our mission.

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