Jessica Doyen

What led you to make the decision to pursue a higher education?

I was first enrolled at DelTech, but I didn’t have the flexibility that I needed in that dental hygiene program. I made the decision to stay in the dental field but as an assistant. So I enrolled at Dawn Career Institute, and I am glad I did.

In what ways did Dawn Career Institute help support you on your path to finishing your education?

Of course, the classes were necessary in my understanding of the career, but what I found instrumental to my success was the study sessions offered for the Dental Assisting National Board (DANB) certification test. I am now an X-ray certified dental assistant and could not have done it without the help and support of my instructors.

How do you feel your life has changed as a result of your pursuit of an education?

I am so excited to be in a position to begin a long-lasting career with growth potential at the age of 21 instead of being stuck in a retail position.

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