Norma Carrier

What value do students who've graduated from Dawn Career Institute bring to your company/organization?

As an employer, the expectation is to be able to hire students that are well trained for future employment. The students we have hired from Dawn Career Institute have brought tremendous value to our organization. They are very well prepared professionally; their skill set and knowledge of what is required have given them the ability to immediately get acclimated to our workflow.  The support our practice must have from a medical assistant/front office support perspective as well as the medical claims examiner for the billing department is fulfilled. Our turnover rate is extremely low, and the students are now tenured employees.

Why does your company/organization feel it's important to support the mission of career colleges such as Dawn Career Institute?

For the most part, many organizations want experienced applicants in order to offer employment. We want to support the mission of career colleges, because we feel the training is always adequate for what our needs are. The students come to us with an eagerness to learn and apply their abilities to the training in a live work environment and have proven successful. The majority of the support staff are students hired in our practice. The opportunities for recognition and advancement are there.

How have the contributions of Dawn Career Institute graduates shaped the direction of your company/organization?

The contributions of Dawn Career Institute graduates have shaped the direction of our organization by their continued loyalty and support as changes have occurred. Their ideas to assist in implementation of new workflows have been successfully achieved. They are voices to the practice owners, management and administration. With the constant trends insurance companies put forth, these now tenured, experience graduates have continually contributed to the growth and success of our practice. 

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