Rebecca Bunting

What led you to make the decision to pursue a higher education?

As a single mother of three, I have always stressed the importance of a good education to my children. I had my daughter when I was young and ended up graduating through night school at the top of that class. I had all three of my children before the age of 23, so I was so busy raising them that I never took the opportunity to go back to school. I always told myself that once they were older and pretty much all in school that I would. I stuck to my goal, and in 2011, I enrolled in the Personal Fitness Trainer program here at Dawn. While in the program, I also enrolled in the Massage Therapist program – I knew I wanted both of these under my belt.

In what ways did Dawn Career Institute help support you on your path to finishing your education?

Dawn Career Institute helped put me on the track I was looking for. I could not have asked for a better set of teachers/mentors over the past year. I know that without them I would have never started my own business and been so successful so soon. The support I received while at Dawn was incredible and still is to this day. Even though I am a graduate, Dawn continues be there for me if I need anything.

How do you feel your life has changed as a result of your pursuit of an education?

My life has changed dramatically over the past year or so. I was working a part-time job before I started school, and now I own my own business, make my own hours and I enjoy every moment. I have found the things in life that make me happy – work no longer seems like work. I am in the fields that I choose because they are my passion. I look forward to my continual growth in both fields.

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