15 Ed Tech Twitter Accounts You Need To Follow

It's no secret that technology is revolutionizing education in its quick ascension as one of the classroom's greatest tools. Numerous people and organizations on all levels are responsible for technology's growing presence and assistance in the education process, but figuring out who to follow on Twitter for the latest developments can take a bit of work.

To simplify this, we've compiled a list of 14 education technology people and organizations worth following on Twitter (in addition to the Education Dive Twitter account, of course).

1. EDX

On Twitter: @edXOnline

The not-for-profit edX, a joint venture between MIT and Harvard, is one of the foremost names in MOOC providers. Its partner institutions are always expanding, and include universities worldwide like Stanford, Wellesley, Georgetown, University of Toronto and Australian National University. Through its Twitter handle, edX posts about its latest developments and has hosted conversations with its president, former MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory director Anant Agarwal.


On Twitter: @AndrewYNg

Andrew Ng is the director of Stanford’s Artificial Intelligence Lab and a co-founder of Coursera, another of the big three MOOC providers. His Twitter stream is populated by links to education news and the latest Coursera developments. Coursera’s other co-founder, Stanford Computer Science Professor Daphne Koller, also has a Twitter account, but doesn’t update frequently.


On Twitter: @sebastianthrun

Though he isn’t a daily Tweeter, Sebastian Thrun, a co-founder of “big three” MOOC provider Udacity, typically has the latest updates on the organization and other posts about the latest developments in education. Also a professor at Stanford and a Google fellow and VP, Thrun was named Fast Company’s fifth most creative person in business, Foreign Policy’s Global Thinker #4 and the author of over 370 scientific papers and 11 books. His fellow Udacity co-founders, David Stavens and Mike Sokolsky, also have Twitter accounts, but Stavens hasn’t Tweeted since August and Sokolsky has yet to Tweet at all.


On Twitter: @kcator

Prior to stepping down as director of the U.S. Department of Education’s Office of Educational Technology in February, Karen Cator was responsible for the launch of the Learning Registry and other ed-tech initiatives. She was also once the director of Apple’s education leadership and advocacy efforts. While serving at the Education Department, Cator didn’t Tweet from her personal account, but that account has become fairly active since her departure. She recently became CEO of Digital Promise (also worth following).


On Twitter: @susandpatrick

Another former director of the Office of Education Technology, Susan Patrick is the current president and CEO of the International Association for K-12 Online Learning. Her Tweets focus on classroom innovation from blended learning to the awarding of mastery-based credentials. She also operates a blog on the iNACOL website and is a former site director for Old Dominion University’s TELETECHNET distance learning program.


On Twitter: @OfficeofEdTech

After all of this Office of Educational Technology talk, we have to mention that office’s official Twitter account. The Department of Education formed the office with the goal of making the most out of technology’s ability to improve the educational experience, and its Twitter account is home to posts featuring some of the latest ed-tech studies and developments, including controversies over storing student data in the cloud. Richard Culatta is the office’s current acting director, and is another ed-tech Tweeter worth following.


On Twitter: @moodler

Australian educator and computer scientist Martin Dougiamas founded learning management system Moodle in 1999 after becoming frustrated with other commercial software on the market at the time. Having served as a university webmaster and manager of a WebCT system for several years prior to the founding of Moodle, his experience with the Internet’s impact on education is considerable. Dougiamas’ Twitter feed is a great place to find information about the free LMS, as are the several other Moodle-related Twitter feeds that are out there.


On Twitter: @michaelchasen

Speaking of learning management systems, as the co-founder and former CEO of Blackboard, which he lead for 15 years, Michael Chasen knows a thing or two about the convergence of education and technology.  Before founding Blackboard in 1997, Chasen worked as a consultant for KPMG Consulting in the college and university marketplace, and his Tweets reflect his interests in education and technology.


On Twitter: @KyleJudah

Kyle Judah is the co-founder of start-ups BetaMatch, which assists teachers in making an impact in the classroom through technology, and RecoVend, a higher ed service that streamlines tech purchasing to save schools money.  His outspoken Tweets focus on his start-ups, ed-tech and whatever else is on his mind.


On Twitter: @TechnologyInEd

The Center for Implementing Technology in Education helps education agencies at the state and local level integrate instructional technology in the classroom. It is funded by the U.S. Department of Education and the Office of Special Education Programs and involves several research agencies in its quest to provide all students with high educational standards. The CITEd Twitter page is a great source of articles and infographics on the latest educational developments and uses for a variety of technologies.


On Twitter: @dwarlick

Over the last 35 years, David Warlick has served as a classroom teacher, district administrator and staff consultant for the North Carolina State Department of Public Instruction, written four books about instructional technology and contemporary literacy, and spoken to audiences worldwide. He’s operated a consulting and innovations firm, The Landmark Project, for the past 15 years and also developed the attribution Web site Citation Machine, which easily assembles citations for millions of students’ research papers. Do you need any more reasons to follow him?


On Twitter: @tvanderark

CEO of Open Education Solutions and Learn Capital partner Tom Vander Ark is author of Getting Smart: How Personal Digital Learning is Changing the World. A frequent blogger, as well as a former public school superintendent and director of the International Association for K-12 Online Learning, Vander Ark’s Twitter feed is a reflection of his experiences and observations regarding education innovation.


On Twitter: @pgsimoes

Describing himself as a “Portuguese Air Force eLearning Evangelizer,” Paulo Simões uses Twitter to curate much of the latest ed-tech news. His Tweets come throughout the day, and he also operates a Portuguese-language blog, though Google Chrome's "translate" feature handles that easily.


On Twitter: @rmbyrne

Teacher, speaker and writer Richard Byrne operates a blog and website devoted to free technology for teachers. Aside from apps for iPad and Android, the site also provides a number of Google tutorials, free guides and alternatives to YouTube. He Tweets updates to his blog ed-tech blog, as well as ed-tech news.


On Twitter: @Edudemic

Edudemic is a community of educators and technologists dedicated to enhancing learning. Its site features posts for both teachers and students that deliver some of the best ed-tech products, tips and resources for a variety of topics, and it Tweets all of its latest updates.


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