3 Million and Counting

Love ’em or hate ’em — and many of this city’s current power brokers seemingly fall into the latter category right now — for-profit colleges are attracting students in ever-growing numbers, as made powerfully clear by an Education Department report released Wednesday.

The report, an annual study of college enrollments, prices and degrees awarded, includes data on the number of students who enrolled in various types of postsecondary institutions throughout the 2008-9 academic year. As seen in the linked table, the statistics show that for-profit colleges enrolled a total of 3.2 million students, 11.8 percent of the nearly 27.4 million students who studied at all institutions that year.

The figure for for-profit enrollments reflected an increase of more than 20 percent over 2007-8, and a rise of more than 60 percent since 2004-5. The number of enrollees in for-profit four-year institutions nearly doubled over that period, from 1.1 million to 2.1 million.

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