5 Ways Student Loans Hurt Middle-Class Kids

Student loans are supposed to help middle-class kids pay for a college education, but these days they can do more harm than good. It's high time we did something about that.

If you imagine a world where the federal government and private lenders actually partner with students, instead of treating them as a profit center, have I got a bridge investment deal for you. As things stand, the Affordable Care Act has a better shot of garnering support among Tea Party activists than the average American kid has of getting a good deal on a college education.

Riddle me this: Why should middle-class students pay more for loans than is absolutely necessary, all the while padding the government's coffers and enabling state universities to build facilities that the students will only get to use for four years?

The answer: they shouldn't.

While no doubt there are more, here are five instances where middle-class kids are getting hosed on their student loans and student loan debt.

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