92% Of U.S. Adults Fear Something About Job Interviews, Survey Finds

Career College Central summary:

  • For an overwhelming majority of Americans, the job interview is a dreaded, stressful ordeal as 9 in 10 employed adults said they fear something about the experience, according to data released in the 2013 Job Interview Anxiety Survey conducted by Harris Interactive on behalf of Everest College.
  • The telephone survey of 1,002 employed adults found that 92% of Americans are stressed by at least one thing about the job interview process. The biggest fear was having the jitters, as 17% of Americans stated being too nervous as their top concern, followed by being overqualified for the job (15%), being stumped by the employer's questions (15%), being late for the interview (14%), being under qualified (11%) and not being prepared (10%).
  • The survey found that women and men have some key differences when asked what they fear most about the job interview. American women are most afraid of being too nervous (19%) or not being able to answer a specific question (19%), while American men are most worried about being overqualified (18%).
  • Income played a significant role in determining the top job interview fears, the survey found. Those whose household income is less than $50,000 said their top fear during a job interview was being too nervous (22%), compared to just 11% of the highest earners (those with a household income of $100,000 or more). Those households making between $75,000-$100,000 are more likely not to fear anything compared to those making between $35,000 and $50,000.

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