A Partnership Founded in Fun: Dawn Career Institute Announces Partnership with the Fun Department

WILMINGTON, DEL. – Dawn Career Institute is serious about its corporate culture. In the spirit of developing teamwork and collaboration, the institution recently engaged The Fun Department. On the heels of receiving Delaware Best Workplace recognition two years in a row, this is yet another initiative on DCI’s behalf to support its mission of creating an environment where people thrive – employees included.

The Fun Department partners with local businesses to implement activities that help create an enthusiastic atmosphere and build the spirit of camaraderie between employees. Many of the activities are impromptu and developed entirely unbeknownst to employees, but they are all focused on making the work day more fun.

Numerous research studies have shown the benefits of a fun work environment, which include a lighter atmosphere, greater capacity for creativity and the sharing of ideas, and overall engagement with organizational objectives.

“DCI is committed to making employees feel comfortable and creating a work environment that is both productive and engaging,” said Jena Zapata, Chief Operating Officer. “The Fun Department has already contributed to that goal. Our team has enjoyed the activities so far, and they are eagerly awaiting what else the company has in store for them.”

The Fun Department has many strategies to encourage fun. One of the company’s favorite approaches is the “Bait and Switch.” People in the workplace are informed by management that they are going to a meeting about a particularly dull and uninteresting topic, but the team from The Fun Department show up to be the actual speakers. The team then reveals their Superman-like t-shirts and jeans under their work attire.

Other strategies implemented by The Fun Department include “deliveries,” which involve replacing traditional team-building exercises with other activities, such as scavenger hunts, trivia, line dancing, contests, luncheons, games and more. Katie Burke, Executive Assistant at DCI, was a recent victim of The Fun Department when she was encouraged to recite poetry.

“The Fun Department helps to break the customary work routine by injecting fun and infusing teamwork at a competitive level,” said Jorge Echavarria, DCI’s financial aid associate. “They promote teamwork within the department, allowing us to put aside the work mentality and show our fun spirit.”

DCI’s management team is involved in determining the general spirit of the activities that are later implemented by The Fun Department. Since “fun” is subjective, the company attempts to introduce activities enjoyable for everyone.

About Dawn Career Institute
Dawn Career Institute is a career education institution based in Wilmington, Del., with online program options also available. Dawn Career Institute offers programs in the following career fields: healthcare, wellness and business. Dawn Career Institute is accredited by the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges (ACCSC). For more information, visit www.DawnCareerInstitute.edu.

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